We tell your stories, creating personal and meaningful experiences between your brand and real people, while generating awareness and value for you through social media, digital strategies & online marketing.

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You, your objectives and your clients are important to us and at the end of the day, social media would be nothing without people and relationships. You’re hiring us because we’re passionate about people and live and breathe social media. We’re not only creating content, we’re reaching out and creating context with real audiences, ensuring your ROI is maximized.

Every business is unique and you don’t have to be on every social network, it all depends on your needs. As a result you deserve a bespoke social media strategy in line with your business objectives and representation that definitely won’t break your budget. Whether it be a new strategy from scratch or helping you fine tune an existing strategy, we’re here to do all of this and create an efficient and communicative space for you when it comes to social media.

We’re not a conventional social media agency and social media is not 9-5, so whether you’re in meetings, ending your work day or focusing on your core business, we have you covered. Our data specialists, creatives and strategic team are here to create the right content, build digital brand equity for you and uplift your social media presence utilizing real data and reports.

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Our view is that marketing is not about selling, but connecting with people and raising awareness of who you are and your message. As a result, our skills are focused around this to ensure you receive the maximum return on investment, create context with real people and effectively communicate, growing your digital brand equity.



Passion, personal service and excellence through execution form part of our core. We’re a social focused agency and want to help you tell your story today in the digital world and create awareness for you. We’re passionate about social media combined with the science of data and create value and context through social media, digital strategies and online marketing.

Every brand is different and every digital and social strategy is therefore personal, unique and aligned with your business objectives, brand and where the digital world is headed, allowing your brand to not just be a name, but an experience digitally.

Social media is ultimately an exchange and we’re here to help you connect with real people and facilitate that experience allowing your brand to stand out and make an impact.

Everything we do at ROSS & CO is driven by passion and the value we create is based on experience, live data and research to ultimately uplift your brand, building brand equity for you digitally. Let us tell your story.


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